Dear Graduates,

The Faculty of Design is among the most dynamic leaders of the field in Israel and abroad, and in its 45 years of activity, has trained designers with a B.Design and M.Design at the highest academic level.

The Faculty of Design initiates unique projects and work and research relationships with the industry, local authorities and various public institutions, and works in close cooperation with the other faculties at the Institute, in order to expose the students and to grant them practical experience in a variety of fields in the course of their studies.

Members of the academic staff of the Faculty of Design are reputable and have long and rich experience in the areas of design and creativity, and play an active role in research and production, in national and international exhibitions and projects related to the industry and the community.

The constant attention given to the students in the course of their studies, with an emphasis on the final project, enables them to be exposed to the forefront of activity and production and to learn from the rich and varied experience of the faculty members.

Together with the academic studies, the Faculty holds wide activity involving acquisition of values and contribution to society and to the community, and for the past five years special emphasis has been placed on advancing projects that provide creative and innovative solutions to daily problems of populations with a variety of special needs.

As in previous years, this year too, the graduates’ exhibition constitutes a dignified and impressive stage for presentation of the fruits of the joint labor of students and faculty members, awarding maximal exposure and stressing the transformation of design into an integral and significant part of the activity of the industry, society and the community.

I am proud of you, dear graduates, and congratulate you on your participation and I wish you great success in your continued personal and professional path.

Best wishes,

Prof. Eduard Yakobov