Dean's Message

Dear Graduates,

In our daily lives, there are almost no layers that do not need design, are not influenced by design, motivated by design and of course enjoy design. “Design is everywhere,” is a sentence you have heard an infinite number of times in the course of your B.A. studies, and nevertheless, this fact is not sufficiently clear to the general public, and many people do not in fact understand the act of design in all its components.

One of the questions that you need to face from now on, as young and extraordinarily talented designers, is how each and every one of you can contribute in a unique way to the world of design. This question is essential, because your actions can create a society here that is not only better designed but also better, and in particular more moral, healthy and just. This is because the interfaces between the world of design and between society and politics in Israel, and naturally throughout the world, appear closer than ever today, and your contribution to this can be enormous.

I hope that with the completion of your studies in the Faculty of Design, upon leaving this fascinating, amazing, challenging and difficult incubator, with all its workshops, studio classes and the totality of theoretical and practical courses you have accumulated, and of course the infinite experiences that accompanied this process on the way, you will go out into the great world and leave your imprint on it.

I wish you a fascinating, fruitful path with much work and involvement in design in all its aspects and components. We, for our part, will always be happy to see you. Come back and visit!

We’re proud of you, we love you!

Good luck!!