Head's Message

Second Home

Dear Graduates,

Another chapter of your personal journey is ended.
A personal, experiential and professional chapter.
After the journey that was paved with peaks and troughs, successes and failures, challenges and breakthroughs, strikes, new friends, infinite hours of study, workshops, lectures, submissions, criticism and achievements – you have reached the finish line which is in fact the best starting point for your future as designers.

In the course of four years of intensive study, I am certain that you have received tools for self-realization, both as inspiring designers and as adults who live in a complex society that demands involvement and the need for a new and breakthrough generation.

In you we see the future generation of the world of design and of all society. Talented, thinking people, who will quickly become and essential and leading part of a variety of fields of design and creativity in the local industry.

I am glad I was able to accompany you throughout the degree process, and to discover a special and creative class.

At a time where the world is changing with extraordinary speed, fake news and social media rule our lives, remember that your role as leading designers is to ask questions and to try and give creative and innovative solutions. This is your time to influence and to manufacture a new and better reality.
I have no doubt that you will become excellent ambassadors of the department for a better, just and more beautiful society.

All the best of luck in the new journey you embark on today.

Always remember, you have a second home.

Architect Nissan (Nini) Warshavski
Head of Department of Interior Decorating
A Department that’s a Home