Head's Message

Dear Graduates,

We, the lecturers and supervisors, are excited and proud to wish you, graduates of the Department of Visual Communication, success in your new path.

The profession of design holds many challenges. This is a field that renews itself every day, and is affected both by technological developments and by social and environmental changes that are influenced by and influence the era in which we live today.

We are in an era where information is more accessible than ever before. Each day presents us with new truths and sometimes simultaneously negates those same truths. A reality in which we are forced to be more careful and precise about our own personal truths.

This new reality presents new and unfamiliar challenges. You as designers face great responsibility. The ability to transmit a message from the individual to the masses demands of you recognition, understanding and vision with regard to the social and political reality in which we live.

We have had the honor to contribute from the professional experience we have accumulated, in order to lead you to become talented and leading designers in your fields and suitable for our era.

Our wish is for you to continue to grow as designers, and may your professional future abound in success and interest!!