Industrial Design Department

The study of industrial design is a creative journey lasting four years, to the depths of one of the most innovative and fascinating areas in design; an area that does not cease to redefine itself and to demand of its workers understanding of a plethora of areas, beyond aesthetics and design itself: technology, psychology, human engineering and more.

The Industrial Design stream at the Institute provides all this while preserving high academic standards, encouraging the personal statement and affording a supportive framework with proven ability to provide an answer to every need and question.

The Department trains professional industrial designers with a spirit of entrepreneurship, multi-disciplinary vision and mental flexibility that enable them to grow and to develop along with the field of product design.

We believe that the industrial designer has the responsibility of supplying smart and varied solutions, in accordance with the requirements of each and every project. In order to build such a repertoire, practice is necessary. It is for this reason that we enable and encourage students in the department to gain experience in a variety of exercises intended to simulate a real situation that includes all the stages that the industrial designer goes through, including creation of relationships with the local industry, coping with immediate feedback, pressure, keeping to a timetable and everything involved in a “real” industrial design project, while the peak of the simulation exercises is naturally the final project that department graduates present at the close of their studies, in order to display the skills, the style and the abilities they have developed in the course of their studies in industrial design.