Interior Design Department

Design A department that is home

The Department of Interior Design aims to be a home for the community of interior decorators, a home for students and a home for lecturers.

Along with this, it aspires to connection with the local and international design industry through creation of various means of cooperation.

The department intends to empower and to strengthen the individuals studying there, and to provide tools that will aid them in expressing themselves, and strengthen their abilities to influence society and the environment. The department’s aim is for the students to experience the totality of areas of specialization that exist in the profession. The plan of study is constructed so that each student can choose the area of specialization that suits him, through learning processes that encourage personal research and design of objects and spaces that break through limitations and arouse inspiration.

We believe in work at a small scale, in constant use of workshops, in material maximization and creation of environments and objects at a scale of 1:1.