Visual Communication Department

The department offers a variety of labs and workshops integrated with the program of study, including the silk screen printing workshop and the physical interaction lab. For third and fourth senior years, a summer internship program is offered that includes cooperation with more than 15 leading companies in the industry, including Google and Microsoft. In the framework of the internship, the students are exposed during the summer to work with industry, professional connections, and an opportunity for continued work following completion of their studies.

Student Exchange – The student exchange program provides an opportunity for excellent third year students to spend a semester at a parallel institute abroad. The program is open to a variety of leading schools of design in the world among countries throughout Europe.

In the framework of his studies, the student is involved in outside projects, shared with external companies and NGO’s, such as Taub-Infographics, the Council of Internal Security, a comic book on the subject of internet violence, environmental media, Yad Vashem. In this framework, the student is required to deal with a structured work process for a real institution, executing the product of the academic process. The department has gained exposure and  great appreciation  as a result of student achievements in projects that have been carried out.