Curator’s Message

Graduates’ Catalog – From the Industrial Curator

A brief look at our Graduates’ Catalog and its crowded format reminded me of passports, which, like the catalog, contain a record of time spent in a particular place, and the transition between different regions.  This is a sort of group passport perhaps, which documents a class trip, and a journey from the region of study to the industrial region, in the field of industrial design. 

As is customary before a journey, now it is fitting to wish you, the new graduates, a successful quest to new regions ahead, enjoy the road before you, make the most of the tools you have gathered during your years of study, find your voice and the right place for you, and continue the journey to enrich both you and the places you discover. 

Remember that the experienced traveler heeds the journey itself and does not focus solely on its end.

Make you have much success on your way.

Uri Ben Zvi – Curator