Curator’s Message

Small Talk – Big Ideas

Presenting diverse works in interior design, topics that derive from the personal choice of each student – with a personal design statement that also touches on values and ideological contexts.

The exhibition of the Department of Interior Design, as the title says:  Small Talk – Big Ideas

The changing dimensions of the works attest to the wide and varied dimensions of the department, from the design of spaces in large urban systems and structures to intimate spaces with material and technological content, from residences through urban institutions to the systems serving us on a day-to-day basis, at times researching using new or existing materials in innovative ways.

During their fourth year, students take on a project of relatively large scope and complexity, accompanied by extensive research work, and in their final project must emphasize various aspects that arise from the design challenges in their subjects.   They bring to culmination their design ability, integrated with a statement directed at their involvement as planners and designers in the environment in which we live.

Good luck to everyone, at the exhibition and later on!

Udi Cramsky on behalf of all the project leaders and the department