Head’s Message

A design act is a conscious action that creates  a change.

It is an act that requires empathy – the ability to understand the world, to enter the user’s shoes and understand the experiences that the products enable. Its purpose is to improve, streamline, and encourage thought and discussion. As a result, the field of product design is broad and varied, enabling many kinds of investigation and practice in academia as in the outside world.
The field of industrial design is more than a profession.  After four years in the department, our graduates become people with opinions, knowledge, flexibility of thought and a world view of action.  They become industrial designers.


Haim Nachman Bialik wrote –  “You can not see the wind, but it is what drives the ship.” 

We have equipped you with knowledge, and with tools, we have helped to sharpen your direction.

But the way is yours alone, and as you will find, the wind will lead you.
When you come to discover and create your own way in the world of design – trust your abilities and the tools you have acquired here.  Dare to keep moving forward guided by your personal spirit and do not be afraid to set your own path.

Much success
Luka and the Department