Head’s Message

A Second Home

Dear graduates,

You have reached the finishing point, which is actually the optimal starting point for the continuation of your life as designers and creators.

Four years of a fascinating personal journey, full of successes and failures, new friends, submissions, reviews, and achievements are about to end.

You have received many diverse tools for self-realization and expression, both as leading and inspiring designers and as adults living in a complex society that demands maximum sensitivity. 

We see you as the future generation in the world of design, a part of a well-formed department.  Designers who will quickly become leaders in local and international markets.

Enhance the knowledge you have accumulated, continue to be attentive to yourself and full of creativity, and remember that one of the important functions of a designer today is to try to change for the better both your immediate and distant surroundings.

I was happy to accompany you on your journey to a degree, and to discover a special and creative class, and I have no doubt that you will become excellent ambassadors of this department.

Your time has come to create a new reality. 

Good luck and always remember that you have another home here.

Architect Nissan (Nini) Warshavsky
Head of Interior Design | The department that is a home