• AI2

    Organized by: Department of Computer Science
    HIT, Holon Institute of Technology
    Monday, 24.05.2021
    |International Conference on Artificial Intelligence — Academy and Industry
    Keynote speakers:


    14:00‮–‬14:15‭ ‬CET‭ /‬ 15:00‮–‬15:15‭ ‬Israel Time

    ‭Opening WORDS‬

    • Greetings

      Prof‭. ‬Eduard Yakubov‭, ‬President‭, HIT, ‬Holon Institute of Technology


    • Prof. Ezra Zeheb, Dean of the faculty of Sciences, HIT, Holon Institute of Technology

    • Dr. Ayelet Butman, Department chair of computer sciences department, HIT, Holon Institute of Technology

    14:15‮–‬15:30‭ ‬CET‭ /‬ 15:15‮–‬16:30‭ ‬Israel Time

    Session I‭ / ‬AI In Education

    • Keynote‭: ‬Agent-Human Collaboration and Learning for Improving Human Satisfaction

      Prof‭. ‬Sarit Kraus‭, ‬Bar Ilan University

    • A robot in a kindergarten‭ ‬‮—‬‭ ‬experiment review

      Dr. Yaron Yavelberg‭, ‬Do-Et institute

    • AI in Gaming and Edutainment in the MENA region

      Dr. Liora Lukitz‭,‬‭ ‬Flying Camels

    Time‭: ‬15:30‮–‬16:20‭ ‬CET‭ /‬ 16:30‮–‬17:20‭ ‬Israel Time

    Session II‭ / ‬AI In Society

    • Keynote‭: ‬Social Physics and Automatic AI

      Dr. Yaniv Altshuler‭, MIT‭, ‬Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    • “Amalthea-M”‭ -‬‮—‬‭ ‬unified smartphone-based solution for industrial and enterprise biomonitoring

      Dr. Chickrin Dmitry Evgen’vich‭, ‬Kazan Federal University, Russia

    • Improving Efficiency in Public Health Administration with Methods of Artificial Intelligence

      Serge Dolgikh, Department of Information Technology, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine

    • Minimizing the number of vehicles to meet the fixed schedule‭: ‬A journey from the ancient‭  ‬Dantzig-Fulkerson problem to fast AI algorithms for swarms of robots and UAVs

      Prof. Eugene Levner‭, ‬HIT, Holon Institute of Technology

    16:20‮–‬17:10‭ ‬CET time‭ / ‬ 17:20‮–‬18:10‭ ‬Israel Time

    Session III‭ / ‬AI In Environment

    • Shape instead of being shaped‭!‬

      Dalith Steiger‭, ‬SwissCognitive

    • Using Artificial Intelligence‭ ‬to Irrigate Crops

      Nir Averbuch‭, ‬The Robert H‭. ‬Smith Faculty of Agriculture

    • Early detection of plant disease using a phenotyping system and machine learning

      Shani Friedman-Goldfarb‭ ‬and‭ ‬Prof. Menachem Moshelion‭, ‬Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    • Flash floods prediction using precipitable water vapor derived from tropospheric path delays over the Eastern Mediterranean

      Dr. Shlomi Ziskin Ziv, Eastern R&D center and Ariel University

    17:10‮–‬18:00‭ ‬CET time‭ / ‬ 18:10‮–‬19:00‭ ‬Israel Time

    Session IV‭: ‬AI In Industry

    • Keynote: A Textless Approach for Generative Spoken Language Modeling

      Dr‭. ‬Yossi Adi‭, ‬Facebook

    • Who would say no to get better‭, ‬faster‭? (‬aka AI for Continuous Improvement‭)‬

      Dror Jacoby‭, ‬Shamaym Ltd‭.‬

    • Ethical issues in AI‭: ‬sensitivity of neural networks to deliberate corruption of image classification

      Dr. Amir Handelman‭, ‬HIT‭, Holon Institute of Technology‭

    • Quality prediction for 3D printing through machine learning ‬of triangular mesh data

      Dr. Lynn Houthuys‭, ‬Thomas More University

  • CFP


    The purpose of the conference is to serve as a platform for presenting innovations in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning with an emphasis on the meeting points between academia and industry. The conference will serve as a meeting place for dialogue, sharing innovations and needs and exchanging opinions and ideas between experts and researchers from both industry and academia dealing with these fields.

    The conference will include plenary lectures, and poster sessions and is in collaboration with the international conference on design and AI.

    We invite you to participate in the conference and submit a proposal for the presentation:

    Proposal for a plenary lecture

    presenting significant research or industrial application in the field of machine learning and / or artificial intelligence.

    Proposal for short presentation

    presenting a new initiative or research in the field of machine learning and / or artificial intelligence. We are interested in first ideas or products – with an emphasis on finding a partner for further development or research. The length of presentation shall be 10 minutes and the purpose of the presentation is to allow dialogue and space for questions of those interested in the initiative.

    Guidelines for writing a proposal:

    The submission format will be: topic, author name (s), institutional affiliation, up to 5 keywords and a summary of up to 600 words for a plenary lecture, and a length of 300 words for a short presentation. Please clarify the innovation in your subject.

    Abstracts will be published in the conference summary booklet on the conference website.

    Please send your proposal by 25.4.2021 6.5.2021
    Notices of approval of the presentation at the conference will be received by 6.5.2021 15.5.2021

    Conference organization committee:

    Dr. Ayelet Butman
    Dr. Jonathan Schler
    Dr. Michal Gordon

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