The Single Cigarettes / עירא שליט

A white cube is broken

In to half

White n black

It’s a model

1:1 (one to one)

It’s a maze.

A Toilet tube

A Dishwasher tube

A Landry tube

A Living tube

A Club tube

The cafeteria is still a cafeteria

Electricity points are all over.

A white cube is full with people – “SLASH PEOPLE”.

Blue metal shelves coming out of the wall

“Jacob’s Ladder”

Or, just a place for stuff.

Stone covered Igloo with neon sign, says:

“Hello and Goodbye”.

Minimal is the easiest to use

A – B – C

Kids are rounding around

Filling the tubes

They used to be empty,

Now they are full.

We are moving all the time

Sport shoes on our legs.

We got sandwiches (in our hands)

I like with yellow cheese!

Hi! Which do you seek?

Maybe with butter?

Sandwich is our building blocks

It is all we need,

Sandwich with marmalade?

Yes, please!

Tic tak

Take five!

The magazine is working overtime.

Receipt are flying around.

Hi Hi!

Gather around!

השיר מתוך תערוכת היחיד של עירא שליט, The Single Cigarettes, שתפתח ביום שבת, 9 לדצמבר בסטודיו שלו, אליקום 3, ת”א.

The Single Cigarettes / עירא שליט

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