Arch‭. ‬Shany Barath‭ (‬IL‭)  ‬is an Assistant Professor in the faculty of Architecture and Planning at the Technion IIT where she leads the D.DLAB‭ [‬Disrupt.Design‭]  ‬research facility that develops data-driven computational design and digital materiality through the fabrication of and with materials‭. ‬Merging academia and practice as the co-founder of SHAGA Architects‭, ‬she is involved in large-scale commissions integrating computational methodologies with analysis and simulation engines for design applications‭. ‬She is Co-PI in the‭ ‬HORIZON2020‭ ‬consortium ECOLOPES‭  ‬developing building envelopes for multi-species habitation and was previously Studio Master and‭ ‬Program Head at the Architectural Association in London‭.‬

Sigal Bar Nir‭  (‬IL‭) ‬Independent curator‭, ‬researcher of architectural landscape and culture‭. ‬Received her MA with honors from the Metropolis‭: ‬City Culture and Architecture Program at UPC‭, ‬Barcelona‭.  ‬Teaches at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design‭,  ‬and at the Integrated Design Master Program of the Holon Institute of Technology‭.‬

Ori Ben-Zvi‭ (‬IL‭) ‬is a designer and researcher at‭  ‬HIT Israel‭, ‬focusing on furniture design and sustainability‭. ‬Ori is a senior staff member‭ ‬at the department of industrial design and has an ongoing interest in sci-fi literature as a medium to explore the near future‭ ‬and the new state of extreme norm‭. ‬Ori holds a‭  ‬Bsc‭.( ‬H.I.T Israel‭) , ‬Ma‭ (‬research‭) ‬R.M.I.T Australia‭ .‬

Dr‭. ‬Yael Eylat Van Essen‭  (‬IL‭) ‬is a curator and a researcher specializing in the interface between art‭, ‬design‭, ‬science and technology and also in museum studies‭. ‬She is a senior lecturer at the design faculty of the Holon Institute of Technology‭, ‬and lectures at Tel Aviv University‭. ‬She curated many exhibitions in Israel and abroad‭, ‬among them‭ ‬“Life-Object‭, ‬Merging Biology and Architecture”‭ ‬at the Israeli Pavilion in the Venice Biennale for Architecture in 2016‭. ‬Her book Rethinking the Museum was published in Israel‭ ‬in 2016‭. ‬She has founded and directed for many years the Digital Media department in Camera Obscura school of Art and founded and co-directed the International Curatorial Program in Tel Aviv‭.‬

Lenka Hamosova‭ (‬CZ‭)  ‬is a designer‭, ‬researcher‭, ‬and visual artist exploring the creative potential of AI and synthetic media‭. ‬Based in Prague‭,‬‭ ‬Czech Republic‭. ‬Initiator of the educational project Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality‭, ‬which spreads awareness of available AI models and opens a discussion on the future use of artificial intelligence through interdisciplinary workshops‭. ‬Co-founder‭ ‬of the UROBOROS Festival‭: ‬Designing in Troubling Times‭. ‬Tutor at MA Future Design‭, ‬Prague College and Ph.D‭. ‬student at FAMU‭, ‬Prague‭.‬

Jan Klesla‭ (‬CZ‭) ‬is the representative for the European Centers of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and one of the co-authors of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy‭. ‬He has been involved in the digital economy‭, ‬investment and regulation‭, ‬especially in the field of technological disruption of traditional industries‭. ‬He‭ ‬cooperates with Czech and foreign think tanks in these areas‭. ‬He worked as an economic editor and subsequently as the editor of‭ ‬Hospodáské noviny‭. ‬In Lidové noviny‭, ‬he was involved in the creation of the economic monthly Index‭, ‬he headed the economic section and acted as an economic commentator‭. ‬Before joining the media‭, ‬he gained experience in law‭, ‬finance‭, ‬and information technology‭.‬

Dr‭. ‬Arnost Marks‭ (‬CZ‭), ‬vice dean at the Sutnar Faculty fo Art and Design in Pilsen‭ (‬since 2017‭). ‬Educated in Science and Humanities‭. ‬Studied General Biology‭, ‬Animal Behaviour at the Charles University‭, ‬Prague and Social anthropology at University of Cambridge‭. ‬PhD obtained in 1999‭ ‬for work on role of know how‭, ‬knowledge and technologies in post-communist economies‭. ‬He has dedicated his carrier to‭ ‬promoting academic‭, ‬research capacities and international cooperation in R&D and STEAM‭.   ‬

Worked as an strategic advisor to the mayor of Pilsen and also an acting secretary at the European Capitol of Culture‭ (‬ECOC‭) ‬2015‭ ‬in Pilsen‭. ‬Collaborated with ECOC Wroclaw and Sienna‭. ‬Responsible for various large scale R&D projects and especially for promoting and organizing support for projects and dialogue between the arts and scientific and technological disciplines‭ (‬dialogue with Korean KOCCA‭, ‬Ars Electronica‭, ‬Holon Institute of Technology‭, ‬National Laboratories US‭, ‬National Laboratories Taiwan‭). ‬

Founded the Institute for Digital economy‭. ‬Established international committee of the National R&D Council‭ (‬2013‭).  ‬Established‭ ‬and chaired the National Committee for Cultural Creative Industries 2014-18‭. ‬Deputy Minister for R&D between 2014-18‭.‬

Jan Van Woensel‭ (‬CZ‭) ‬is curator and researcher‭. ‬Since 2018‭, ‬he works for UWB‭, ‬the University of West Bohemia’s Faculty of Design‭ ‬&‭ ‬Art‭. ‬He is the artistic director of the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery‭. ‬At UWB‭, ‬he initiates collaborations‭, ‬curates international exhibitions and publishes books on subjects of art and social history‭. ‬Van Woensel held curatorial and teaching positions in many institutions around the world among them at St‭. ‬Lucas School of Art‭ (‬Antwerp‭, ‬Belgium‭), ‬New York University‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Steinhardt School of Education‭, ‬ISCP‭ – ‬International Studio and Curator’s Program‭, ‬and Chelsea Art Museum‭ (‬NYC‭, ‬U.S.A‭.); ‬California College of the Arts‭ (‬San Francisco‭, ‬U.S.A‭.) ‬and Duolun MoMA‭ (‬Shanghai‭, ‬China‭),. ‬His project‭ ‬“UN-SCR-1325”‭ ‬about the influence of female-led social restoration in post-conflict areas‭, ‬was recognized in the top three exhibitions in New‭ ‬York City in March 2009‭, ‬by Artnet News‭, ‬and featured a collaboration with Yoko Ono‭. ‬