General Outlook

How can design change the world?

This question lies at the heart of the Master’s Degree program in Integrated Design at HIT, the Holon Institute of Technology. This program is the only one of its kind in Israel that combines the study of design thinking methodologies, the use of technological tools and the harnessing of scientific breakthroughs with the goal of developing innovative solutions to complex problems.

“Let’s be realistic, let’s ask for the impossible”: The motto seen on the walls in Paris during the May 1968 student revolt is alive and kicking, running through in the veins of the Integrated Design program. Over the program’s course of studies, students will confront contemporary questions about modern society and will constantly seek unconventional solutions. Hence, the program appeals to creative people who are passionate about asking questions and breaking through the boundaries of the existing and the possible.

The Integrated Design program is multidisciplinary by nature. Unlike other Master’s programs in design, the Integrated Design program does not serve as continuation studies following a BA in a specific field of design, such as Industrial design or Visual communication, but rather includes elements from all design worlds, as well as from extra-design fields. In addition to the Faculty of Design, the Holon Institute of Technology is home to leading engineering and science faculties, enabling unique collaborations and optimal access to design-supporting tools and methodologies.

The program’s distinction lies in its appeal both to candidates with a background in design and those who are taking their first steps in the field of design. It should be emphasized that the Master’s degree in Integrated Design is not a program intended for retraining for the design professions, yet it does not require prior knowledge or experience in the field of design. The program begins with three weeks of supplementary studies that provides an introduction or level starting point, and include courses such as design methodologies, graphic and design software and anthropology.

In addition, all MA students in Integrated Design are invited to take part in a variety of basic courses at the Holon Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Design at no cost. This includes unlimited access to the faculty’s workshops and to its finest lecturers, and is a unique opportunity for designers to add and refine the building blocks they will later use to create the Master’s degree projects.