Holon Institute of Technology HIT located in central Israel, is a well established academic institution that includes four faculties: Design, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sciences (Computer science and Applied Mathematics) and Learning technologies.

The Faculty of Design at HIT (where the Masters Degree program of Integrated Design is) includes the three departments, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design, all well known of their high standards and quality, where the graduates of those departments have a significant presence in the relevant employment markets.

The Masters Degree program of Integrated Design founded in 2010 has succeeded since to establish itself as a program of unique characteristic both in its syllabus as also in the flexible study frames in which the students can learn. The syllabus is based on incorporation of a research program and implemented activity which sees in Design a dynamic entity whether its outcome is virtual or objects based on wide universal concepts nourished from science, technology, culture, economy, politics and arts while creating “practical humanism”.

Heterogeneity. The syllabus is built in a way that will help students that are not from typical design disciplines, where the beginning is dedicated for the completion of an update of the design world as a whole, and design thinking in particular. The work in the design labs as based on their major part on working in heterogeneous teams (as far as concerning the professional background) so that a lack in design fields is fulfilled in an advantage in other core areas.

The Faculty Personnel led by Professor David Rawet includes Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, New-Media personnel, Architects, Sociologists, Psychologists, Business Management personnel, and such along side authors and artists. The Lecturers of the program include lecturers from the faculty of design as well as many other academic institutions in the country and abroad.  The location of the Institute is central, in the campus of the Holon Institute of Technology, at a driving distance of minutes from “Ayalon Highway” enabling quick accessibility from the center of Israel and the Dan District.

Study Conditions. The studio classes for the Masters Degree of Integrated Design are large designated classes which are located in the new building in the name of Peretz, at the Faculty of Design, near the enhanced computer laboratories of the Faculty of Design and above the various modelling workshops (Three-D printers workshop, wood workshop, metalworking workshop, metal workshop, ceramics workshop, soft material workshop etc.) advanced and sophisticated best equipped in the country!

Expanding and broadening the studies. The syllabus for the Masters Degree in Integrated Design in built in advance for relatively ease of incorporating study with work and family. On the other hand the program enables the participants who are able and interested in widening the frame of his/her studies, to take part in other courses from the Bachelor (First) Degree, whether to complete lack of materials to those who are not from the design disciplines, or others who wish to enhance their abilities and expertise.